NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 348
Rosen, N., Chalifa-Caspi, V., Shklar, M., Almashanu, L., Safran, M., Lancet, D.
Departments of Molecular Genetics and Biological Services (Bioinformatics Unit), The Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100, Rehovot, Israel

Database Description

GeneLoc unifies gene collections, eliminates redundancies, and assigns each gene a meaningful location-based identifier, which also serves as its GeneCards ID ( The GeneLoc algorithm ( creates an integrated map of the human genome, currently merging gene sets from NCBI and Ensembl. It compares these collections, deciding which entries should be consolidated and which are discrete. Since the gene annotations use the same assembly and coordinate scheme, GeneLoc effects this gene integration by comparing genomic locations. The resulting GeneLoc 'gene territory' reflects the range of the unified genes, taking into account every exon.

Additionally, DNA segments, classified by categories (such as STSs mapped by various methods and EST clusters) are presented, alongside the genes, on a Megabase-scale map, with further information and links to relevant databases. Coming soon: genomic clones and more EST clusters will be added to the GeneLoc map. For the list of GeneLoc/UDB publications, see .

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