NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 350
Safran, M., Shmueli, O., Rosen, N., Shmoish, M., Shklar, M., Benjamin-Rodrig, H., Almashanu, L., Chalifa-Caspi, V., Lancet, D.
Departments of Molecular Genetics and Biological Services (Bioinformatics Unit), The Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100, Rehovot, Israel

Database Description

Since 1997, GeneCards, an automated, integrated database of human genes, genomic maps, proteins, and diseases, with software that retrieves, consolidates, searches, and displays human genome information, has enjoyed widespread popularity, and served as an impetus for similar projects in the field. Various publications (see describe how the system has consistently added new features including sequence accessions, genomic locations, cDNA assemblies, orthologies, medical information, 3D protein structures, and focused SNP summaries. Recent enhancements and current research in the GeneCards project include the spawning and enhancement of three related functional genomics efforts - GeneLoc (, GeneNote (, and GeneAnnot ( Part of what continues to make GeneCards unique, is its synergistic relationship with these and other research efforts at the Weizmann Institute.

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