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Samson, D., Legeai, F., Karsenty, E., Reboux, S., Veyrieras, J.-B., Just, J., Barillot, E.
GÉnoplante-Info, UnitÉ de Recherche GÉnomique-Info, INRA Infobiogen 523 place des terrasses F-91000 Evry France

Database Description

GÉnoplante is a collaboration between public French institutes (INRA, CIRAD, IRD and CNRS) and private companies (Biogemma, Bayer CropScience and Bioplante) that aims at developing genome analysis programs for crop species (corn, wheat, rapeseed, sunflower and pea) and model plants (Arabidopsis thaliana and rice). The outputs of these programs form a wealth of information (genomic sequence, transcriptome, proteome, allelic variability, mapping and synteny, mutation data) and tools (databases, interfaces, analysis software), that are being integrated and made public at the public bioinformatics resource centre of GÉnoplante: GÉnoPlante-Info (GPI). This continuous flood of data and tools is regularly updated and will grow continuously during the next two years. Access to the GPI databases and tools is offered at http://genoplante-info.infobiogen.fr/.


This work is supported by the GÉnoplante program. We thank Benjamin Preciado and the Infobiogen team (Guy Vaysseix, Francis Capy, FranÇois Laissus, Didier Gillet, Xavier Benigni, Jean-Marc Plaza and Claire Valencien) for their support in system and network administration, and in public data and software installation and maintenance. We are very grateful to our GÉnoplante colleagues for the submission of their data and/or tools to GPI, their participation in many bioinformatics meetings and task forces, and for their help in defining and enriching the GPI environment. In particular we would like to express our gratitude towards Johann Joets, Nicolas Sajot, Philippe Lessard, Philippe Dufour, Philippe Leroy, Olivier Gigonzac, Evelyne James, Denis Scala, Virginie Chataigner, Pierre RouzÉ, Pierre Hilson, Vincent Thareau, VÉronique Brunaud, Franck Samson, SÉbastien Aubourg, Alain Lecharny, Ian Small, Michel Caboche, Jean-Loup Risler, Catherine Christophe and many others.


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