NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 375
la Cour, T.2, Gupta, R.1, Rapacki, K.1, Skriver, K.2, Poulsen, F. M.2, Brunak, S.1
1Center for Biological Sequence Analysis, Bldg. 208, Technical University of Denmark, DK-288 Lyngby, Denmark
2Department of Protein Chemistry, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen, DK-1353 Copenhagen, Denmark

Database Description

Protein export from the nucleus is often mediated by a Leucine-rich nuclear export signal (NES) consisting of 4-5 hydrophobic residues within a region of approximately 10 amino acids. Many Leucine-rich NESs have been identified and reported in literature, but until now this information has not been compiled. NESbase is a database of experimentally validated Leucine-rich Nuclear Export Signals (NES) curated from literature. These signals are not annotated in databases such as SWISS-PROT, PIR or PROSITE. Each entry contains information of whether the NES was shown to be necessary and/or sufficient for export, and whether the export was shown to be mediated by the export receptor CRM1. Version 1.0 of NESbase contains 75 entries with 80 experimentally determined NESs. The database is available online at


We acknowledge support from the Danish National Research Foundation and the John and Birthe Meyer Foundation.

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