Database for Bacterial Group II Introns

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 378
Candales, Manuel; Duong, Adrian; Hood, Keyar; Li, Teng; Neufeld, Ryan; Sun, Runda; McNeil, Bonnie; Wu, Li; Jarding, Ashley; Zimmerly, Stev
Department of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Canada

Database Description

Group II introns are self-splicing RNAs and retroelements found in bacteria and lower eukaryotic organelles. During the past several years, they have been uncovered in surprising numbers in bacteria due to the genome sequencing projects; however, most of the newly sequenced introns are not correctly identified. We have initiated an ongoing web site database for mobile group II introns in order to provide correct information on the introns, particularly in bacteria. Information in the web site includes: 1) introductory information on group II introns; 2) detailed information on subfamilies of intron RNA structures and intron-encoded proteins; 3) a listing of identified introns with correct boundaries, RNA secondary structures and other detailed information; and 4) phylogenetic and evolutionary information. The comparative data should facilitate study of the function, spread and evolution of group II introns. The database can be accessed at


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