NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 38
Kohl J.1, Paulsen I.1, Laubach T.1, Radtke A.1, von Haeseler A.2,3,4,5
1Heinrich-Heine-University, Universitaetsstrasse 1, 40225, Germany
2Center for Integrative Bioinformatics Vienna, Dr Bohrgasse 9/6, A-1030 Vienna, Austria
3University of Vienna, 4Medical University of Vienna and 5Univerity of Veterinary Medicine Vienna, Vienna, Austria

Database Description

Our collection provides sequences from hypervariable regions I and II (HVR I and HVR II) as well as complete mitochondrial DNA together with related information on individuals such as original reference, country of origin, population and language affiliation. At the moment the HvrBase contains data from 10240 individual (9768 humans, 469 great apes and 3 neanderthaler). The current state of the database is listed at www.hvrbase.org/stat.html and includes a detailed statistic on the dataset. The continous growth of the database is guaranteed by permanent updates. All data is stored in a relational database which offers a variety of different queries. The query conditions can be choosen on a user-friendly webinterface which involves many options for the output format. We tried to design the query formular to be self-explanatory but in any case you will find an online help on the webpage.

Recent Developments

According to the previous version the innovations are: - The HvrBase is located on its own domains: www.hvrbase.de www.hvrbase.org As the old URL will not be supported in the future you should change your bookmarks. - It is possible now to exclude data sets from the result if the sequences admits '?' or 'N' (see the paraphernalia section on the formular). - The new version offers complete mitochondrial data. For these datasets a query formular with similar functionalities as for HVR I and HVR II is in progress. It is also planned to include population data from nuclear loci, like Xq13.3, ZFX and ZFY-introns, beta-globin, lpl and other. The query formular is improved continously in design and functionalities, e.g. region specific data access via interactive maps is under development.


We gratefully acknowledge financial support from the DFG and thank all colleagues who provided their sequence data and gave additional information when needed.


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