NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 40
Higo, K.
National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Database Description

PLACE database now contains 380 entries of cis-element motifs found in plant genes. Increase in volume size for the new service at Plant cis-element (PLACE) database. There used to be a limit of 1,000 KB (=1MB) in total number of nucleotides in the queries for the upload version of SignalScan program. This is because our PLACE/SignalScan system shares the disk with other systems. On April 21, the limit was changed to 1,000 MB (=1 GB). Now user can submit batches of sequences up to 1,000MB in total volume size. This roughly means now user can submit all the Arabidopsis 25,000 putative promoter sequences the length of which is about 1,000 bp each. Each query sequence must be in FASTA format, and less than 4,356 bp.

Category: Plant databases

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