HemoPDB - Hematopoietic Promoter Database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 494
Pohar, T.T., Sun, H. and Davuluri, R.V.
Division of Human Cancer Genetics, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210

Database Description

The Hematopoiesis Promoter Database, or HemoPDB, is a publicly available, web-based information resource focused on transcriptional regulation in hematopoiesis. HemoPDB is composed of integral, experimentally defined regulatory information, including TFs, cis-regulatory elements, their target gene promoters and corresponding annotations, with links to supporting published references. Accordingly, the database may be searched by Gene Symbol, GenBank Accession Number, UniGene ID, TF (binding site) Name and lineage or cell type within which a gene is expressed. Currently, HemoPDB contains 246 promoter sequences and 604 experimentally known cis-regulatory elements of 187 different TFs. Organisms available, thus far, are human and mouse. We are continuously adding relevant data as they become available, to ensure inclusion of the most recent information.

Recent Developments

The long term goal of this project is to contribute to the understanding of hematopoietic transcriptional regulation and corresponding aberrances that lead to leukemogenesis. In addition to continuously updating the content of HemoPDB, we are enhancing the database to include data obtained from high-throughput gene expression analyses, such as EST, SAGE and microarray projects. We will also include the relative expression patterns of genes that have been obtained from the UniGene database.


This project is partly funded by the V Foundation for Cancer Research and an Institutional Seed Grant from the American Cancer Society.

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