MPIM - Mitochondrial Protein Import Machinery

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 538

Database Description

Mitochondrial protein import is essential for mitochondrial function, and thus the viability of most eukaryotic life, yet it has been characterized in only a few organisms. The Mitochondrial Protein Import Machinery (MPIM) database contains information on the mitochondrial protein import apparatus from a wide range of organisms, including Yeast, Human, Rat, Mouse, Drosophila, Danio rerio, Cenorhabtidis elegans, Arabidopsis, Rice and Plasmodium falciparum. Content is stored in a relational database and can be easily searched by multiple criteria. Protein and nucleic acid sequences are presented with their non-redundant NCBI accession numbers. Multiple sequence alignments between any component can be produced, as well as phylogenetic tree generation, protein motif identification, secondary structure prediction, and hydropathy plots/transmembrane region prediction.

Category: Plant databases

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