OGRe - Organellar Genome Retrieval

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 547
Tang B., Xu W., Jameson D., Higgs P.
Dept of Physics, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4M1, Canada

Database Description

OGRe is a relational database containing information on completely sequenced animal mitochondrial genomes. It currently contains 473 species. This is the full set of complete metazoan mitochondrial genomes available as of July 2004. The structure of OGRe is based on a taxonomic classification of species that allows easy retrieval of information from related groups of species. OGRe allows the 'one-click’ retrieval of any selected set of mitochondrial genes from any selected set of species. OGRe provides several ways of visualizing information on gene order and genome rearrangements. Diagrams illustrating the genome arrangement can be automatically generated for any selected set of species from the information in the database. Diagrams for pair-wise comparison of species show the positions of breakpoints in the gene order and clearly highlight the sections of the genome that have moved. A listing of all distinct gene orders in the database is given, and distance matrices using breakpoint and inversion distances are provided. The system displays information on the frequencies of bases, amino acids and codons in mitochondrial genes and a graphical presentation of this information is possible. Full codon usage tables can also be downloaded for these genomes.

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