Oryza Tag Line

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 628
P. Larmande1, C. Gay1, C. Sallaud1, C. PÉrin1, P. Perez2, M. Lorieux3, J.B. Morel4, A.A.T. Johnson1, M. Ruiz1, B. Courtois1 and E. Guiderdoni1
1 CIRAD, UMR 1096 PIA, Avenue Agropolis, F-34398 Montpellier Cedex 5, France
2 BIOGEMMA, 24, Avenue des Landais, F-63170 AubiÈre, France
3 IRD, UMR 5096, Ird, BP5045, F-34032 Montpellier Cedex 01, France
4 INRA-ENSAM, UMR BGPI, Campus Baillarguet, F-34398 Montpellier Cedex 05, France

Database Description

To organize data resulting from the phenotypic characterization of a library of T-DNA insertion lines of rice (Oryza sativa L cv. Nipponbare), we developed the Oryza Tag Line database (http://genoplante-info.infobiogen.fr/OryzaTagLine/), a project supported by the French genomic initiative GÉnoplante. Today, this database describes 5,000 insertion lines. In the long term, the database will contain information about 46,000 insertion lines already produced. Generic features such as production records and seed stocks, as well as textual and pictorial information on GUS or GFP assays in specific organs or tissues, or morphophysiological alterations observed during field evaluation of the insertion lines are displayed. Forward genetic search is possible through a web interface where users can submit queries based on phenotypic alterations, reporter gene expression or keywords. We also propose to combine different types of queries in an advanced search page.


The authors would like to thank collaborators that have generated all the biological data integrated into Oryza Tag Line, especially Isabelle Barnola, Corinne Petit and Murielle Portefaix. The authors thank Christine Tranchant and Fabienne Bourgis for their help during the database interface conception and evaluation; Franck Samson, VÉronique Brunnaud, Alain Lecharny and SÉbastien Aubourg for rice FLAGdb++ adaptation; Delphine Samson, Fabrice Legeai, SÉbastien Reboux, Isabelle Luyten and Aymeric Duclert for delivering access to the database.

Category: Plant databases
Subcategory: Rice

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