EDAS - EST-Derived Alternative Splicing Database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 631
Nurtdinov, R.N., Neverov, A.D., Mironov, A.A., and Gelfand, M.S.
Contact gelfand@iitp.ru

Database Description

EDAS is a database of alternative splicing derived from the anlaysis of genomic, protein, mRNA and EST data. It provides classification of elementary alternatives into main types, combined searches for specific alternative variants over tissues and disease states, curated classification of cancer-derived clone libraries by origin (cell line or primary donor tissue), a convenient user interface with in-scale and schematic representation of the alternative exon-intron structure, and a possibility to filter data by the reliability of sources.


We are grateful to Alexey Kazakov and Alexey Fedorov for useful discussion, Pavel Novichkov for programming advice, and Igor Erokhin for comments on the tissue classification. This study was supported by grants from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (55000309), the Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research (CRDF RB0-1268), the Russian Fund of Basic Research (04-04-49361), and Programs of the Russian Academy of Sciences ("Origin and Evolution of the Biosphere" and "Molecular and Cellular Biology").


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