NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 642
Saha S., Bhasin M. and Raghava G.P.S.
Institute of Microbial Technology, Sector-39A, Chandigarh, India

Database Description

B-cell epitopes are vital in designing peptide-based vaccine, in diseases diagnosis and also for allergy research. This practical importance creates a need for an integrated source of information about them. We developed a databaseBcipep, of experimentally determined B-cell epitopes of antigenic proteins. This is a curated database where detailed information about the epitopes are collected and compiled from published literature and existing databases. It covers a wide range of pathogenic organisms like virus, bacteria, protozoa and fungi. Each entry in database provides full information about a B-cell epitope that includes amino acid sequences, source of the antigenic protein, immunogenicity, model organism and antibody generation/neutralization test. The database have number of web tools and user friendly web interface which allows user to perform various tasks; i) keyword search on any field; ii) mapping of known peptides (B-cell epitope) on a given antigen sequence; iii) BLAST search etc. It also provides links to various databases such as GenBank, PDB, SWISS-PROT and MHCBN for further detailed information about epitopes. The database now contains 2700 entries including 1350 epitopes in the non-redundant datasets. Bcipep is accessible from the website at http://www.imtech.res.in/raghava/bcipep/ and at http://bioinformatics.uams.edu/mirror/bcipep/ (Mirror site). All available resources can be assessed via SRR interface from IMTECH or EBI site http://www.imtech.res.in/srs5bin/cgi-bin/wgetz?-fun+pagelibinfo+-info+BCIPEP

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