NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 665
Groth P.1, Pavlova N.2, Kalev I.2,Tonov S.2, Georgiev G.2, Pohlenz H.D.1 andWeiss B.1
1Research Laboratories of Schering AG,Muellerstrasse 178, 13442 Berlin, Germany
2MetaLife AG,Metapark 1, 79297 Winden, Germany

Database Description

PhenomicDB is a multi-species genotype/phenotype database,integrating public genotype/phenotype data from a wide range of modelorganisms and Homo sapiens. Genotype and phenotype descriptions areobtained from Entrez Gene, OMIM, wormbase, flybase, and many othercollections. Phenotypes cover e.g. mutant screens, k.o. mice, or RNAinterference. In addition, clinical descriptions and naturally occurringmutants are also available. As phenotypes are linked to genes whichthemselves are grouped according to orthology, users can easily comparephenotypes of a gene of interest over a wide range of organisms. Likewise,users can discover genes involved in phenotypes as diverse as neural tubedefects, Alzheimer disease, apoptosis, or polyploidy.

Recent Developments

In a recent effort, PhenomicDB has been redesigned and updatedto its current version 2.1, now offering also cellular phenotypes fromwhole-genome RNAi screens with detailed information on experimental design,ontology terms from the MGI's Mammalian Phenotype Ontology and keywords forcell lines and experimental assays. Also, direct linking from externalsources by search term or identifier is now possible.


1. Groth P, Pavlova N, Kalev I, Tonov S, Georgiev G, Pohlenz HDand Weiss B. (2007) PhenomicDB: A new cross-species Genotype/PhenotypeResource. Nuecleic Acids Res. 35 (Database issue): in press.
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