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Robinson J., Waller M.J., Marsh S.G.E.
Anthony Nolan Research Institute, London, UK
Contact ipd@ebi.ac.uk

Database Description

The Immuno Polymorphism Database (IPD) is a set of specialist databases related to the study of polymorphic genes in the immune system. IPD currently consists of four databases: IPD-KIR, contains the allelic sequences of Killer-cell Immunoglobulin-like Receptors, IPD-MHC, is a database of sequences of the major histocompatibility complex of different species; IPD-HPA, alloantigens expressed only on platelets; and IPD-ESTAB, which provides access to the European Searchable Tumour Cell-Line Database, a cell bank of immunologically characterised melanoma cell lines.

The MHC sequences of many different species have been reported, along with different nomenclature systems used in the naming and identification of new genes and alleles in each species. The sequences of the major histocompatibility complex from number of different species are highly conserved between species. By bringing the work of different nomenclature committees and the sequences of different species together it is hoped to provide a central resource that will facilitate further research on the MHC of each species and on their comparison.

The first release of the IPD-MHC database involved the work of groups specialising in non-human primates, canines (DLA) and felines (FLA) and incorporated all data previously available in the IMGT/MHC database. This release included data from five species of ape, sixteen species of new world monkey, seventeen species of old world monkey, as well as data on different canines and felines. Since the first release we have been able to add sequences from cattle (BoLA), swine (SLA), and rats (RT1) and are now working to include the MHC sequences from chickens, horses (ELA).


P Stoehr, European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
S Ellis, Institute of Animal Health, UK
N de Groot, R Bontrop, Biomedical Primate Research Centre, the Netherlands
L Kennedy, University of Manchester, UK
D Smith, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, USA
L Walter, German Primate Center, Germany


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2. Robinson J, Waller MJ, Marsh SGE. Nucleic Acids Research (2005) - Accepted for 2005 Issue.

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