DynaProt 2D

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 731
Drews, O. and Gorg, A.
FG Proteomik, Technische UniversitÄt MÜnchen, Freising-Weihenstephan, Germany

Database Description

DynaProt 2D provides dynamic online access to proteomes and 2D gels. The database was designed to administer complete in silico proteomes and links them with experimental proteomic data in the manner of two-dimensional electrophoresis gels (IPG-Dalt). The 2D gels serve as reference maps as well as tools for navigation of the database to switch between experimental and predicted data. Therefore, all identified spots in the gels are clickable and linked with summarized protein information. The protein information tables contain calculated characteristics, which are often used in proteomics, such as the molecular weight, isoelectric point, codon adaptation index, grand average of hydropathicity, predicted cellular localization, etc. Besides navigation via 2D gels, the clear graphical interface permits quick and intuitive searching throughout complete proteomes according to six different parameters. For example the search for proteins can be restricted to molecular mass and pH ranges, 2D gels and protein classes (e.g. ribosomal proteins or transporters). The first organism implemented in the database is Lactococcus lactis. Other model organisms as well as stress related experimental data of L. lactis will follow. Furthermore, the database was designed for continuous extension of the protein characteristics to keep up with the quick developments in proteomics. Therefore, additional proteomic data is welcome and will be referenced.


D Preuss (Daikun Solutions) is sincerely thanked for his help in realization of the dynamic online access to the database.

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