NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 785
Nucleo de BioInformatica Estrutural, Embrapa InformÁtica AgropecuÁria, Av. Dr. AndrÉ Tosello, nº 209, Barao Geraldo, Campus da Unicamp, PO Box 6041, 13083-886 - Campinas - SP - Brasil

Database Description

Sting Report is a service for extracting information about an individual amino acid of a protein. This information is presented as a series of GIF images and a table, integrated in a single printer-friendly HTML page, containing values of up to 125 structure/function descriptors/parameters. Sting Report allows the visualization of all the information about a specific residue, on platforms with the most elementary configurations (without Java, Chime or other plug-ins).

The Sting Report user must specify the protein (by its PDB key), the chain and the residue, and select the images and tables to be included the resulting document, among those available in the Sting modules (for example, Java Protein Dossier, Contacts, Ramachandran Plot, Scorpion and Formiga). Sting Report coordinates the execution of the modules selected by the user, submitting to them the query that specifies the residue and conditions to calculate the parameters and generate the outputs. Finally, Sting Report assembles the outputs returned by the activated modules in the resulting HTML document.

One of the most important features of Sting Report is the fact that a user may generate reports for the amino acids of specific interest to her/him. For example, a user would like to have a printed report on the structurally equivalent (aligned) residues from two serino proteases. See details on how to select those two amino acids by first using Java Protein Dossier for aligning two protein structures.

Subcategory: Protein structure

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