NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 786
Yona G., Birkland A.
Department of Computer Science, Cornell University, 5156 Upson Hall, Ithaca, NY 14853-7501, USA

Database Description

Biozon is a platform that allows for the storage, management, and analysis of interrelated proteins, genes, interactions, protein families, cellular pathways and more. These heterogeneous data types and the relations between them are locally warehoused and represented as a graph, allowing advanced search and analysis capabilities. Currently, Biozon warehouses existing published data from sources such as PDB, Genbank, Uniprot, KEGG, and BIND and integrates them with in-house derived data such as sequence or structure similarity, predicted interactions, or predicted domains. This data can be searched, browsed, and manipulated online at Currently, the following features are available for public use

- Complex searches on the data graph that specify desired interrelationships between types (e.g. searches like '3D structures of proteins that are involved in phosphorylation interactions and are part of the Prostaglandin and leukotriene metabolism pathway').

- First-of-a-kind biological ranking system which resembles the methods implemented in Google.

- Analysis tools such as domain prediction, structure and sequence similarity and analysis of expression data.

- Fuzzy searches that extend complex searches to include homologous sequences or structures as a search step.

- Materializing data from search results to download for further analysis or include as a step in some other complex query.

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