NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 869
Lestrade L.1 and Weber M.J.2
1 Institut d'Exploration Fonctionnelle des Génomes IFR109 and 2 Laboratoire de Biologie Moléculaire Eucaryote, UMR5099, CNRS/Université Paul Sabatier, 118 route de Narbonne 31062 Toulouse Cedex, France

Database Description

snoRNA-LBME-db is a collection of human small nucleolar RNAs (snoRNAs) and Cajal body-specific RNAs (scaRNAs), that serve to guide modifications in rRNAs or snRNAs. The database can be search by sno/scaRNA name or Accession number, or by the position of the modified nucleotide in rRNA/snRNA sequence. Each sno/scaRNA entry is directly linked to the corresponding position at the human UCSC Genome Browser. The database is available on the web at

Recent Developments

The site now presents a Table of functional correspondence between human and yeast snoRNAs. Sequence alignments showing the phylogenic conservation of snoRNAs among vertebrates are being progressively added to the database.

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