NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 885
Lee, Tzong-Yi; Su, Min-Gang; Huang, Kai-Yao; Lu, Cheng-Tsung; Kao, Hui-Ju; Chang, Ya-Han

Database Description

dbPTM is a databases which accumulates the biological information related to protein post-translational modification (PTM), such as the catalytic sites, structural information, solvent accessibility of residues, protein secondary structures, protein domain and protein variations.

The database not only collected the experimentally validated data from biological databases in public domain such as Swiss-Prot, PhosphoELM and O-GlycBase, but also systematically analyzes the Swiss-Prot proteins for the three types of protein post-translational modification, such as phosphorylation, sulfation and glycosylation

Subcategory: Protein properties

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