GPX-Macrophage Expression Atlas

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 891
Grimes G., Moodie S., Beattie J.S., Craigon M., Dickinson P., Forster T., Livingston A., Mewissen M., Robertson K.A., Ross A.J., Sing G. and Ghazal P.
The Scottish Centre for Genomic Technology and Informatics, University of Edinburgh, 49 Little France Crescent, Edinburgh, EH16 4SB, Scotland

Database Description

The GPX Macrophage Expression Atlas (GPX-MEA) is an online resource for expression based studies of a range of macrophage cell types following treatment with pathogens and immune modulators. GPX Macrophage Expression Atlas (GPX-MEA) follows the MIAME standard and includes an objective quality score with each experiment. It places special emphasis on rigorously capturing the experimental design and enables the statistical analysis of expression data from different micro-array experiments. Studies may be queried on the basis of experimental parameters, sample information and quality assessment score. The ability to compare the expression values of individual genes across multiple experiments is provided. In addition, the database offers access to experimental annotation and analysis files and includes experiments and raw data previously unavailable to the public. This is the first example of a focussed macrophage gene expression database that allows efficient identification of transcriptional patterns which provide novel insights into biology of this cell system. GPX-MEA is available through the GPX website at (


This work was supported by the Scottish Higher Education Funding Council, Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, Wellcome Trust and the European Regional Development Fund. We thank our colleagues at the GTI and collaborators Liu Bin, Ke Shuai, Reinhard Hoffmann, Xiaoyu Hu, Rachael Zoë Murray, Jenny Stow, Thomas Nutman, Damien Chaussabel, Daniel Popkin, Skip Virgin and Ioannis Tassiulas for contributing to this resource.


1. Grimes GR, Moodie S, Beattie JS, Craigon M, Dickinson P, Forster T, Livingston AD, Mewissen M, Robertson KA, Ross AJ, Sing G and Ghazal P. (2005) GPX-Macrophage Expression Atlas: a database for expression profiles of macrophages challenged with a variety of pro-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, benign and pathogen insults. BMC Genomics. Dec 12;6:178.

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