NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 908
Wei-Bo Liu
Center for Modern Biology, School of Life Science, Yunnan University, Kunming, P.R. China

Database Description

SARS-CoV RNA SSS DATABASE is a database of the predicted RNA secondary structural sequences of six SARS coronavirus complete genomes which were sequenced and submitted to GenBank by the separate sequencing and research groups from countries and areas, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA, Canada, and Germany. The database provides the detailed information of all the possible hairpin loops, interior loops, bulge loops, multi-branched loops, double-stranded stems, and free unpaired nucleotides of RNA secondary structural sequences of six SARS isolates, BJ01(Accession: AY278488),CUHK-AG01(Accession: AY345986), TWY (Accession: AP006561), Urbani (Accession: AY278741), TOR2(Accession: AY274119), and Frankurt 1 (Accession: AY291315). The SARS-CoV RNA SSS data are combined with the ORIGIN data from GenBank in the database and users can use the search system to access the database easily. The database is freely accessible at .

Recent Developments

We plan to perform the prediction of RNA secondary structure on the complete genome sequences of other SARS-CoV isolates and analyse their secondary structural sequences(SSS) and add the records to the database. If you have any suggestions, please contact the author at


This work was in part financially supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (30360027).

Subcategory: Nucleic acid structure
Subcategory: Viral genome databases

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