NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 967
Guenther S., Hempel D., Dunkel M., Rother K. and Preissner R.
Charite - University Medicine Berlin, Institute of Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics, Arnimallee 22, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Database Description

SuperHapten is a manually curated hapten database integrating information from literature and web resources. The current version of the database compiles 2D/3D structures, physicochemical properties and references for about 7,500 haptens and 25,000 synonyms. The commercial availability is documented for about 6,300 haptens and 450 related antibodies, enabling experimental approaches on cross-reactivity. The haptens are classified regarding their origin: pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, drugs, natural compounds, etc. Queries allow identification of haptens and associated antibodies according to functional class, carrier protein, chemical scaffold, composition or structural similarity.


This work is supported by BMBF grant no. 0312705B (Berlin Center for Genome-Based Bioinformatics).

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