HMDB - The Human Metabolome Database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 991
Wishart D.S.1,5,7, Tzur D.1, Knox C.1, Eisner R.1, Guo A.C.1, Young N.1, Cheng D.1, Jewell K.1, Arndt D.1, Sawhney S.5, Fung C.5, Nikolai L.1, Lewis M.1, Coutouly M.-A.1, Forsythe I.1, Tang P.1, Shrivastava S.1, Jeroncic K.1, Stothard P.1, Amegbey G.1, Block D.1, Hau D.D.1, Wagner J.1, Miniaci J.2, Clements M.3, Gebremedhin M.3, Guo N.3, Zhang Y.3, Duggan G.E.6, MacInnis G.D.6, Weljie A.M.6, Dowlatabadi R.6, Bamforth F.4, Clive D.3, Greiner R.1, Li L.3, Marrie M.4, Sykes B.D.2, Vogel H.J.6, Querengesser L.1
Departments.of Computing Science1, Biochemistry2, Chemistry3, Medicine4, and Biological Sciences5, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2E8
6Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada T2N 1N4
7National Institute for Nanotechnology, 11421 Saskatchewan Drive, Edmonton, AB, Canada T6G 2M9

Database Description

The Human Metabolome Database (HMDB) is currently the most complete and comprehensive curated collection of human metabolite and human metabolism data in the world. It contains records for more than 2180 endogenous metabolites with each metabolite entry containing an average of 90 separate data fields covering detailed chemical, physical, biochemical, concentration and disease information. This is further supplemented with thousands of NMR and MS spectra collected on purified, reference metabolites. The HMDB is designed to address the growing data needs of the metabolomics community. The HMDB is available at

Recent Developments

The HMDB currently contains more than 2400 human metabolite entries that are linked to more than 29,000 different synonyms. Through separate hyperlinks, the HMDB has also been supplemented with additional data on food additives (3900) and drug metabolites (1000).


Funding for this database is provided by Genome Alberta (a division of Genome Canada), the Alberta Ingenuity Centre for Machine Learning and the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

Subcategory: Metabolic pathways

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