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NAR Web Server Collection entry number 10112


Regulatory Sequence Analysis Tools (RSAT) detects regulatory signals in non-coding sequences; tools include sequence retrieval, pattern discovery, pattern matching, genome-scale pattern matching, feature-map drawing, random sequence generation and other utilities. Tools may be accessed separately or connected to other tools. As well, the tools are available as web services for integration into programmatic work flows. New tools incorporated include an automated sequence retrieval from EnsEMBL, motif comparison and motif quality tools, and the capacity to process ChIP-sequence data.


Category: DNA
Category: DNA
Category: DNA
Category: Expression
Subcategory: Gene Regulation
Category: RNA
Subcategory: Motifs
Category: RNA
Subcategory: Sequence Retrieval

PubMed Abstracts

PMID: 9719638
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