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MEME Suite

NAR Web Server Collection entry number 10615


The MEME Suite web server is a unified portal for discovery and analysis of sequence motifs (e.g. DNA binding sites, protein interaction domains). Motifs with/without gaps may be discovered, searched for in DNA and protein databases, compared to other motifs and analyzed for putative function by association with gene ontology terms. MEME is a tool designed for discovering and searching for DNA motifs such as transcription factor binding sites (TFBS) or protein domains.


Category: DNA
Category: Expression
Subcategory: Gene Regulation
Category: Protein
Subcategory: Domains and Motifs
Category: Protein
Subcategory: Sequence Features
Subcategory: Comparative Genomics

PubMed Abstracts

PMID: 9672829
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PMID: 9283754
PMID: 9109037
PMID: 9070888
PMID: 8902357
PMID: 8877500
PMID: 7584439
PMID: 7584402
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