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NAR Web Server Collection entry number 11627


ISfinder is a dedicated insertion sequence (IS) database which assigns names to individual ISs to maintain a coherent nomenclature, an IS repository including >3000 individual ISs from both bacteria and archaea and provides a basis for IS classification. Each IS is indexed in ISfinder with various associated pieces of information (the complete nucleotide sequence, the sequence of the ends and target sites, potential open reading frames, strain of origin, distribution in other strains and available bibliography) and classified into a group or family to provide some insight into its phylogeny. ISfinder also includes extensive background information on ISs and transposons in general. ISbrowser, an extension to the ISfinder platform and a tool, which permits visualization of the position, orientation and distribution of complete and partial ISs in individual prokaryotic genomes.


Category: DNA
Subcategory: Databases

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