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Microbial Genome Database (MBGD)

NAR Web Server Collection entry number 11673


The microbial genome database (MBGD) for comparative analysis is a platform for microbial comparative genomics based on automated ortholog group identification. A prominent feature of MBGD is that it allows users to create ortholog groups using a specified subgroup of organisms. Advanced functionalities include: (i) enhanced assignment of functional annotation, including external database links to each orthologous group, (ii) interface for choosing a set of genomes to compare based on phenotypic properties, (iii) the addition of more eukaryotic microbial genomes (fungi and protists) and some higher eukaryotes as references and (iv) enhancement of the MyMBGD mode, which allows users to add their own genomes to MBGD and now accepts raw genomic sequences without any annotation (in such a case, it runs a gene-finding procedure before identifying the orthologs).


Category: Model Organisms
Subcategory: Databases

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