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UCSC Genome Browser

NAR Web Server Collection entry number 11715


The University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) Genome Browser website provides a large database of publicly available sequence and annotation data along with an integrated tool set for examining and comparing the genomes of organisms, aligning sequence to genomes, and displaying and sharing users' own annotation data. Genomic sequence and a basic set of annotation 'tracks' are provided for organisms, including mammals, non-mammal vertebrates, invertebrate deuterostomes, insects, worms and yeast. New features include drag-and-zoom navigation, a Wiki track for user-added annotations, new custom track formats for large datasets (bigBed and bigWig), a new multiple alignment output tool, links to variation and protein structure tools, in silico PCR utility enhancements, and improved track configuration tools.


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Category: Human Genome
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Category: Model Organisms
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