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SALAD is a unique comparative genomics database from plant-genome-based proteome data sets. Evolutionarily conserved motifs were extracted by MEME software from protein-sequence annotation groups selected by BLASTP from the proteome data sets of 10 species: rice, sorghum, Arabidopsis thaliana, grape, a lycophyte, a moss, 3 algae, and yeast. Similarity clustering of each protein group was performed by pairwise scoring of the motif patterns of the sequences. The SALAD database provides a user-friendly graphical viewer that displays a motif pattern diagram linked to the resulting bootstrapped dendrogram for each protein group. Amino-acid-sequence-based and nucleotide-sequence-based phylogenetic trees for motif combination alignment, a logo comparison diagram for each clade in the tree, and a Pfam-domain pattern diagram are also available.


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