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Meta-analysis shows statins significantly reduce the risk of death and other complications if given before surgery

28 May 2008

A study, published online in the European Heart Journal, has found that if doctors gave the cholesterol-lowering drugs, statins, to patients before surgery for heart disease, the patients were significantly less likely to die or suffer other serious complications post-surgery. The first author of this study, Dr Oliver Liakopoulos, said that the meta-analysis of over 30,000 patients provided the best evidence so far of the need for intensive statin therapy before cardiac surgery, but, as less than half of cardiac surgery patients currently received the optimum pre-surgery treatment even under existing guidelines, there was an urgent need to change clinical practice.

From the paper
Impact of preoperative statin therapy on adverse postoperative outcomes in patients undergoing cardiacsurgery: a meta-analysis of over 30,000 patients
Oliver J. Liakopoulos, Yeong-Hoon Choi, Peter L. Haldenwang, Justus Strauch, Thorsten Wittwer, Hilmar Dörge, Christof Stamm, Gernot Wassmer and Thorsten Wahlers

Published in European Heart Journal, Advanced Access, 28th May 2008

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