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Link Possible Between Pet Food Contamination and Baby Formula Contamination

1 November 2008

A study published in the November issue of a scientific journal, Toxicological Sciences describes the kidney toxicity of melamine and cyanuric acid based on research that was done to characterize the toxicity of the compounds that contaminated pet food in North America in 2007. This research points to a possible link between the pet food contamination that occurred in North America in 2007 and the recent adulteration of milk protein and resultant intoxication of thousands of babies from Asia.

From the paper Identification and Characterization of Toxicity of Contaminants in Pet Food Leading to an Outbreak of Renal Toxicity in Cats and DogsRoy L. M. Dobson, Safa Motlagh, Mike Quijano, R. Thomas Cambron, Timothy R. Baker, Aletha M. Pullen, Brian T. Regg, Adrienne S. Bigalow-Kern, Thomas Vennard, Andrew Fix, Renate Reimschuessel, Gary Overmann, Yuching Shan and George P. Daston

Published in Toxicological Sciences Volume 106, Number 1, November 2008