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Concussion in former athletes can affect mental and physical processes later in life

28 January 2009

Researchers have found the first evidence that athletes who were concussed during their earlier sporting life show a decline in their mental and physical processes more than 30 years later. The research, published online today in one of the world’s leading neurology journals, Brain, compared 19 healthy, former athletes who had sustained concussion more than 30 years ago with 21 healthy, former athletes with no history of concussion.

From the paper Brain function decline in healthy retired athletes who sustained their last sportsconcussion in early adulthood Louis De Beaumont, Hugo Theoret, David Mongeon, Julie Messier, Suzanne Leclerc, Sebastien Tremblay, Dave Ellemberg, and Maryse Lassonde

Published in Brain, Advanced Access, January 28th 2009

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