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Early detection of second breast cancers halves women’s risk of death

18 March 2009

A group of international researchers has found the first reliable evidence that early detection of subsequent breast tumours in women who have already had the disease can halve the women’s chances of death from breast cancer. According to the research published in the cancer journal, Annals of Oncology, if the second breast cancer was picked up at its early, asymptomatic stage, then the women’s chances of survival were improved by between 27-47% compared to women whose second breast cancer was detected at a later stage when symptoms had started to appear.

From the paper: Early detection of second breast cancers improves prognosis in breast cancer survivors,
N. Houssami, S. Ciatto, F. Martinelli, R. Bonardi and S. W. Duffy

Published in Annals of Oncology, Advanced Access, March 17th 2009

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