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Single embryo transfer is the cheapest and most effective strategy for assisted reproduction

25 March 2009

Transferring single embryos to women’s wombs over several assisted reproduction cycles that use both fresh and frozen embryos is more effective and cheaper than transferring two or more embryos at one time, according to data from the world’s longest running series of patients who choose to have only one embryo implanted per cycle – elective single embryo transfer (eSET) published in Europe’s leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction.

From the paper: Elective single embryo transfer with cryopreservation improves the cumulative live birth rate, diminishes the costs and reduces the multiple pregnancy rate of IVF/ICSI, Zdravka Veleva, Petri Karinen, Candido Tomas, Juha S. Tapanainen, and Hannu Martikainen

Publised in Human Reproduction, Advanced Access, 24th March 2009

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