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At last! A quick and accurate way of diagnosing endometriosis

19 August 2009

A quick and accurate test for endometriosis that does not require surgery has been developed by researchers from Australia, Jordan and Belgium, according to new research published on Wednesday 19 August in Europe’s leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction. Until now there has been no way of accurately diagnosing endometriosis apart from laparoscopy – an invasive surgical procedure – and this often leads to women waiting for years in pain and discomfort before their condition is identified correctly and treated.

From the papers:
Diagnosis of endometriosis by detection of nerve fibres in an endometrial biopsy: a double blind study M. Al-Jefout, G. Dezarnaulds, M. Cooper, N. Tokushige, G.M. Luscombe, R. Markham, and I.S. Fraser

Density of small diameter sensory nerve fibres in endometrium: a semi-invasive diagnostic test for minimal to mild endometriosis A. Bokor, C.M. Kyama, L. Vercruysse, A. Fassbender, O. Gevaert, A. Vodolazkaia, B. De Moor, V. Fu¨ lo¨p, and T. D’Hooghe

Published in Human Reproduction, Advanced Access, August 18 2009

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