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Ethnic minorities are better educated but have less job prospects

2 March 2010

Britain’s ethnic minorities (both those born abroad and those born in the UK) are, on average, better educated than their white peers but have lower probabilities of being in employment according to a new study published in the journal Oxford Economic Papers.

The research shows that Pakistani and Bangladeshi women who are born in Britain have employment probabilities that are 25% and 47% lower than those of their native British-born white peers. This differential is smaller than that of their foreign-born parent generation: In the early 1980s, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women experienced 46% and 60% lower employment probabilities than white native-born women.

The report – written by Christian Dustmann and Nikolaos Theodoropoulos from the Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration (CReAM) at University College London – provides detailed analysis of foreign-born individuals from ethnic minorities and their descendents in Britain.

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Published in Oxford Economic Papers, Advance Access, 2 March 2010.

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