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Alcohol intake increases risk of certain types of breast cancer

24 August 2010

Alcohol increases the risk of lobular and hormone receptor-positive breast cancer, but not necessarily invasive ductal carcinomas, according to a study published 23 August online in The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Although alcohol intake is an established risk factor for overall breast cancer, few studies have looked at the relationship between alcohol use and breast cancer risk by subtype of breast cancer. While some studies have shown alcohol use is more strongly related to risk of hormone receptor-positive (estrogen receptor and/or progesterone receptor-positive) breast cancer, not many have looked at breast cancer risk by histology, or whether a tumor is ductal—in the milk ducts—or lobular—in the milk-producing lobules.

Read the free abstract online here.

Published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Advance Access, 23 August 2010.

Read the full press release here.

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