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Researchers find Americans have higher rates of most chronic diseases than their same-age counterparts in England

9 March 2011

Researchers announced today in the American Journal of Epidemiology that despite the high level of spending on healthcare in the United States compared to England, Americans experience higher rates of chronic disease and markers of disease than their English counterparts at all ages.. Why health status differs so dramatically in these two countries, which share much in terms of history and culture, is a mystery.

Read the paper: Health Across the Life Span in the United States and England

Read the commentary: Invited Commentary: The Search for Explanations of the American Health Disadvantage Relative to the English

Read the response to the commentary: Martinson et al. Respond to ‘‘Search for Explanations of the American Health Disadvantage

Published in American Journal of Epidemiology, Advance Access, 9 March 2011.

Read the press release here.

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