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Instructions to authors: online submission

Once your manuscript is formatted correctly, you are ready to submit your manuscript electronically for review. Please make sure you review the following instructions for electronic submissions.

Electronic Submission Information

The electronic submission system allows you to upload a manuscript, cover letter, or other files and supporting documentation for your submission to Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy. This information will be transmitted securely and anonymity will be maintained as your submission is transmitted to referees.

File Format

In order for your manuscript to be handled correctly by the electronic submission system, it must be in PDF format. PDF files will be automatically "cleansed" so that no identifying features will appear in the internal document metadata. Thus, submissions will be as anonymous as if sent by hard copy. You are still responsible for making sure that author names or any other identifying information is purged from your PDF file prior to submission.

Submit Your Manuscript

The submission and verification is simple and will take about half a minute of your time. To submit your manuscript, visit the journal's online submission system and follow the instructions given.

IMPORTANT. All figures must now be SUBMITTED as high-quality files (600 d.p.i. for line drawings and 300 d.p.i. for colour and half-tone artwork). For useful information on preparing your figures for publication, go to Please note that publication of your manuscript will not proceed until figures suitable for reproduction are received.

Crossref Funding Data Registry

In order to meet your funding requirements authors are required to name their funding sources, or state if there are none, during the submission process. For further information on this process or to find out more about the CHORUS initiative please click here.