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The AEPP Success Story

Below is a brief update on AEPP’s progress and success to date. As you will see, the journal is quickly gaining recognition among the economics profession as well as among policy makers and the main stream media.



2012 Impact Factor: 1.621
Ranked 67 out of 332 journals in the Economics category

Podcast Interviews

A freely available podcast interview is produced for each issue, adding a popular dimension to the journal.


Recognition from the profession should also be noted. Brian Wright said of his AEPP published paper: 'This article generated more immediate feedback from my colleagues than any other article that I have published'.

The Economics of Grain Price Volatility
Brian D. Wright

Expanding the Scope and Readership

We are continuing to work on expanding the readership and author base of the journal. The Featured Articles Editor organizes a session based on an AEPP Featured Article each year. In 2012 a session was presented at the International Association of Agricultural Economists meeting based on 2 articles publishing in the journal.