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What’s a widget?

The widgets on the Oxford Journals site pull dynamic journal information onto any webpage on which they are placed. Widgets provide:

• an interactive experience for readers
• a dynamic display of journal content to keep readers up to date with the journals’ activities
• a search within the specific journals’ content with results displayed in a new browser tab

How does it work?

The widget aggregates content using pre-built journal specific RSS feeds. Examples include:

i. Current issue
ii. PAP articles
iii. Most frequently cited
iv. Most frequently read

The widget you build can contain any or a combination of the above RSS feeds.

What will it look like on my webpage?

The widget construction kit allows you to design the widget using the templates provided. Alternatively, you may style the widget using your websites CSS.

How do I build the widget?

The widget toolkit for this journal is available here.
A HighWire Press page will open in a new window or tab of your browser and you will be presented with 3 columns within the toolkit.
Column 1 – customize content to be displayed within your widget
Column 2 – customize the design of your widget
Column 3 – preview your widget as it is being built


• Complete all fields within columns 1 and 2 and then save. Once saved, click publish and the javascript will be displayed in a pop up window.
• Copy the javascript and embed on your webpage and/ or share the widget via your social media tools.

For technical issues, please use the ‘Contact us’ button at the top of this page.

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