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Rwanda Virtual Issue: Twenty Years after Genocide

To mark the 20th anniversary of the genocide, African Affairs is making some of our best articles on Rwanda freely available. Don't miss this opportunity to read about the legacy of genocide and Rwandan politics under the RPF.

Virtual Issue Exclusive
Scott Straus

Rwanda, Ten Years On: From genocide to dictatorship
Filip Reyntjens

Britannia Waived the Rules: The major government and the 1994 Rwandan genocide
Linda Melvern and Paul Williams

Consociationalism and Power Sharing in Africa: Rwanda, Burundi, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Rene Lemarchand

Gender Balance and the Meanings of Women in Governance in Post-Genocide Rwanda
Jennie Burnet

‘You’re either with us or against us’: Civil society and policy making in post-genocide Rwanda, a case study of land reform and the Gacaca Courts
Paul Gready

Peasants, Power and Ethnicity: A bottom-up perspective on Rwanda’s political transition
Bert Ingalaere

Re-engineering Rural Society: The visions and ambitions of the Rwandan elite
An Ansoms

Constructing the Truth, Dealing with Dissent, Domesticating the World: Governance in post-genocide Rwanda
Filip Reyntjens

Whispering Truth to Power: The everyday acts of resistance of ordinary rwandans to the post-genocide reconciliation
Susan Thomson

Developmental Patrimonialism? The case of Rwanda
David Booth & Fred Golooba-Mutebi

Agricultural Innovation From Above and From Below: Confrontation and integration on Rwanda’s rural hills
Julie Van Damme & An Ansoms

The Risks of African Military Capacity Building: Lessons from Rwanda
Danielle Beswick

Navigating the Middle Ground: The political values of ordinary Hutu in post-genocide Rwanda
Anuradha Chakravarty

The Rwandan Genocide: How the press missed the story - A memoir
Richard Dowden