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Editorial Board

AHR Board of Editors 2016-2017

Peter Fritzsche

University of Illinois

Manu Goswami

New York University

Sandra Greene

Cornell University

Ruth Mazo Karras

University of Minnesota

Ussama Makdisi

Rice University

John Jeffries Martin

Duke University

Sarah Maza

Northwestern University

Lara Putnam

University of Pittsburgh

Cynthia Radding

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Randolph Roth

The Ohio State University

William Rowe

Johns Hopkins University

Claudio Saunt

University of Georgia

Lynne Viola

University of Toronto

AHR Staff

Interim Editor: Robert A. Schneider
Associate Editor: Konstantin Dierks
Articles Editor: Jane Lyle
Reviews Editor: Donna Peterson
Operations Manager: Cris Coffey
Production Assistant: Jessica Smith
Editorial Assisants:

Isabel Álvarez Echandi
Adrienne Chudzinski
David J. Eacker
Charlene Fletcher-Brown
Natalie Dawn Levin
Megan Leone Musgrave
Amy R. Ransford

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Interim Editor

Robert A. Schneider