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About the Journal

The Annals of Occupational Hygiene is one of the world's leading research journals in the field of recognizing, quantifying, removing, or controlling hazards and risks to health from work.

We are interested in:

- recognition and quantification of exposure and risk and their relationship;
- management and communication of risks;
- control techniques, and development of standards of control;
- basic mechanisms, for example of hazards or control.

We expect papers to use up-to-date approaches to quantifying exposure and risk resulting from work, and we welcome papers that help develop research techniques on these. Exposures of interest are traditionally chemical, physical and biological agents, but may also include ergonomic risks, psychosocial or physiological stressors, or injury risks if they have lessons for the study of risk to health at work or its control.

There is heavy pressure on space in the journal, and the above interests mean that we do not usually publish papers which report local conditions without lessons that can be applied more generally, or on health effects without information on causative agents or exposure which could lead to better control, or on infection control unless the risk is mainly occupational. A key question we apply to submissions is, "Is this paper going to help readers better quantify and control risk to health resulting from work?"

The Annals of Occupational Hygiene is published by Oxford University Press for the British Occupational Hygiene Society

The BOHS Council has approved a change in the name of the Annals of Occupational Hygiene. Beginning with Volume 61, 2017, the new name will be:

Annals of Work Exposures and Health:
Addressing the cause and control of work-related injury and illness

Although the Annals will continue publishing work on traditional areas of occupational hygiene such as aerosol and chemical exposures in the workplace, this new title will be implemented with an expanded scope. This change is being made to reflect changes in the field of occupational hygiene and to attract a broader range of subject matter likely to have a higher impact on the health of workers.

You can read the full aims and scope here.


YearImpact FactorSi: Public, Environmental & Occupational HealthSi: Toxicology
20151.74377 out of 17264 out of 89
20142.10160 out of 16252 out of 87
20132.06856 out of 16052 out of 87
20122.15749 out of 15847 out of 85
20111.94962 out of 15751 out of 83
20102.01454 out of 14050 out of 83
20091.91452 out of 12246 out of 77
20081.78753 out of 10548 out of 75
20071.49355 out of 10051 out of 73
20061.91040 out of 9837 out of 76

This information is taken from the Journal Citation Reports, published annually as part of the Science Citation Index by ISI.

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