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Virtual Issue for REACH: Exposure Modelling

How Safe is Control Banding? Integrated Evaluation by Comparing OELs with Measurement Data and Using Monte Carlo Simulation
by Martin Tischer, Susanne Bredendiek-Kamper, Ulrich Poppek, and Rolf Packroff

Multimodel Inference and Multimodel Averaging in Empirical Modeling of Occupational Exposure Levels
by J. Lavoué and P. O. Droz

Development and Evaluation of an Exposure Control Efficacy Library (ECEL)
by Wouter Fransman, Jody Schinkel, Tim Meijster, Joop Van Hemmen, Erik Tielemans, and Henk Goede

Conceptual Model for Assessment of Inhalation Exposure
Defining Modifying Factors

by Erik Tielemans, Thomas Schneider, Henk Goede, Martin Tischer, Nick Warren, Hans Kromhout, Martie Van Tongeren, Joop Van Hemmen, and John W Cherrie

‘Stoffenmanager’, a Web-Based Control Banding Tool Using an Exposure Process Model
by Hans Marquart, Henri Heussen, Maaike Le Feber, Dook Noy, Erik Tielemans, Jody Schinkel, John West, and Doeke Van Der Schaaf

Stoffenmanager Exposure Model
Development of a Quantitative Algorithm

by Erik Tielemans, Dook Noy, Jody Schinkel, Henri Heussen, Doeke Van Der Schaaf, John West, and Wouter Fransman

RISKOFDERM: Risk Assessment of Occupational Dermal Exposure to Chemicals. An Introduction to a Series of Papers on the Development of a Toolkit
by Joop J. Van Hemmen, Jugen Auffarth, Paul G. Evans, Bob Rajan-Sithamparanadarajah, Hans Marquart, and Rienhard Oppl

Modelling Exposure in Flour Processing Sectors in The Netherlands
a Baseline Measurement in the Context of an Intervention Program

by Tim Meijster, Erik Tielemans, Nettie De Pater, and Dick Heederik

Monte Carlo Simulation to Reconstruct Formaldehyde Exposure Levels from Summary Parameters Reported in the Literature
by J. Lavoue, D. Begin, C. Beaudry, and M Gerin

How Important is Inadvertent Ingestion of Hazardous Substances at Work?
by John W. Cherrie, Sean Semple, Yvette Christopher, Ahsan Saleem, Graeme W. Hughson, and Andrew Philips

Default Values for Assessment of Potential Dermal Exposure of the Hands to Industrial Chemicals in the Scope of Regulatory Risk Assessments
by Hans Marquart, Nicholas D. Warren, Juha Laitinen, and Joop J. Van Hemmen

Task-based Dermal Exposure Models for Regulatory Risk Assessment
by Nicholas D. Warren Hans Marquart, Yvette Christopher, Juha Laitinen, and Joop J. Van Hemmen