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World Cancer Day

Annals of Oncology Marks World Cancer Day, February 4th 2014

World Cancer Day Logo

World Cancer Day is a global initiative focused on dispelling some of the myths that surround cancer.

Improving general knowledge and dismissing some of the misconceptions about the disease can sometimes be as important as the great strides that have been made in the clinical treatment of those afflicted.

The four key myths that World Cancer Day is dedicated to tackling are:

1. We Don't Need To Talk About Cancer

2. There Are No Signs Or Symptoms Of Cancer

3. There Is Nothing I Can Do About Cancer

4. I Don't Have the Right To Cancer Care

Annals of Oncology Aims to Help Dispel the Myths

To mark World Cancer Day Annals of Oncology has made 11 articles FREE to read, each one aiming to tackle some of the misconceptions surrounding cancer, and offering up-to-date information on the latest oncological breakthroughs:

The landscape of medical oncology in Europe by 2020
E. de Azambuja, L. Ameye, M. Paesmans, C. C. Zielinski, M. Piccart-Gebhart, and M. Preusser
*Watch an accompanying video to this fascinating paper, below

‘I don't want to burden my family’: handling communication challenges in geriatric oncology
M. O. Delgado-Guay, M. G. De La Cruz, and D. E. Epner

Internet use by cancer patients: should oncologists ‘prescribe’ accurate web sites in combination with chemotherapy? A survey in a Spanish cohort
M. López-Gómez, C. Ortega, I. Suárez, G. Serralta, R. Madero, C. Gómez-Raposo, M. Sereno, E. Casado, E. Espinosa, F. Lobo, and J. Feliu

Physician, patient and family attitudes regarding information on prognosis: a Brazilian survey
R. R. L. Fumis, B. De Camargo, and A. Del Giglio

Primary breast cancer: ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
E. Senkus, S. Kyriakides, F. Penault-Llorca, P. Poortmans, A. Thompson, S. Zackrisson, F. Cardoso, on behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Working Group

Early and locally advanced non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC): ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up
J. Vansteenkiste, D. De Ruysscher, W. E. E. Eberhardt, E. Lim, S. Senan, E. Felip, S. Peters, on behalf of the ESMO Guidelines Working Group

Cancer mortality in Europe, 2005–2009, and an overview of trends since 1980
C. Bosetti, P. Bertuccio, M. Malvezzi, F. Levi, L. Chatenoud, E. Negri, and, C. La Vecchia

The current and future role of the medical oncologist in the professional care for cancer patients: a position paper by the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO)
R. A. Popescu, R. Schäfer, R. Califano, R. Eckert, R. Coleman, J.-Y. Douillard, A. Cervantes, P. G. Casali, C. Sessa, E. Van Cutsem, E. de Vries, N. Pavlidis, K. Fumasoli, B. Wörmann, H. Samonigg, S. Cascinu, J. J. Cruz Hernández, A. J. Howard, F. Ciardiello, R. A. Stahel, and M. Piccart

Next steps in access and availability of opioids for the treatment of cancer pain: reaching the tipping point?
J. Cleary, L. Radbruch, J. Torode, and N. I. Cherny

Discrepancies in cancer incidence and mortality and its relationship to health expenditure in the 27 European Union member states
F. Ades, C. Senterre, E. de Azambuja, R. Sullivan, R. Popescu, F. Parent, and M. Piccart

ASCO-ESMO consensus statement on quality cancer care

ESMO and World Cancer Day

World Cancer Day is a chance to raise our collective voices in the name of improving general knowledge and dismissing misconceptions about cancer.

Myth: Patients believe they don't have the right to cancer care

Truth: All people have the right to access proven & effective cancer treatments & services on equal terms, & without suffering hardship as a consequence.

Here at ESMO we are focussing on two issues surrounding the right to cancer care:

* Inequalities that affect patient access to optimal treatment: the ESMO survey on the availability of anti-cancer medicines

* The potential future shortage of Medical Oncologists and the unimaginable impact upon patient care

Right to cancer care: The ESMO survey on the availability of anti-cancer medicines - addressing inequalities in patient access to optimal treatment

ESMO will be launching over the coming months a survey on the availability of anti-cancer medicines throughout Europe, mapping the approval and reimbursement status, as well as the cost of anti-cancer drugs, with the goal of addressing inequalities to cancer care

Right to cancer care: Do we have enough medical oncologists to cope with the increasing cancer burden?

ESMO warns about the lack of information on the current and projected numbers of medical oncologists in many European countries and calls for all countries to discuss together a system allowing to obtain and continuously monitor such data.

Watch these two video commentaries and more at the ESMO World Cancer Day page >>>

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Learn more about the World Cancer Day initiative, it's goals, and the activities planned to help raise global awareness of the issues surrounding cancer.
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