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World Cancer Day

Annals of Oncology and the European Society for Medical Oncology Mark World Cancer Day, February 4th 2015

World Cancer Day Logo

Taking place under the tagline ‘Not beyond us’, World Cancer Day 2015 takes a positive and proactive approach to the fight against cancer, highlighting that solutions do exist across the continuum of cancer, and that they are within our reach.

The campaign will explore how we can implement what we already know in the areas of prevention, early detection, treatment and care, and in turn, open up to the exciting prospect that we can impact the global cancer burden – for the better.

Articles from Annals of Oncology

1. Estimates of benefits and harms of prophylactic use of aspirin in the general populationJ. Cuzick, M. A. Thorat, C. Bosetti, P. H. Brown, J. Burn, N. R. Cook, L. G. Ford, E. J. Jacobs, J. A. Jankowski, C. La Vecchia, M. Law, F. Meyskens, P. M. Rothwell, H. J. Senn and A. Umar

2. Today's lifestyles, tomorrow's cancers: trends in lifestyle risk factors for cancer in low- and middle-income countries
V. A. McCormack and P. Boffetta

3. Tobacco smoking and the risk of subsequent primary cancer among cancer survivors: a retrospective cohort study
T. Tabuchi, Y. Ito, A. Ioka, T. Nakayama, I. Miyashiro and H. Tsukuma

4. Likelihood of early detection of breast cancer in relation to false-positive risk in life-time mammographic screening: population-based cohort study
J. D. M. Otten, J. Fracheboud, G. J. den Heeten, S. J. Otto, R. Holland, H. J. de Koning, M. J. M. Broeders and A. L. M. Verbeek

5. Current status of screening for colorectal cancer
K. Garborg, Ø. Holme, M. Løberg, M. Kalager, H. O. Adami and M. Bretthauer

6. Early recognition of malnutrition and cachexia in the cancer patient: a position paper of a European School of Oncology Task Force
M. Aapro, J. Arends, F. Bozzetti, K. Fearon, S. M. Grunberg, J. Herrstedt, J. Hopkinson, N. Jacquelin-Ravel, A. Jatoi, S. Kaasa and F. Strasser

7. A systematic review of the characteristics associated with recall rates, detection rates and positive predictive values of computed tomography screening for lung cancer
A. Seigneurin, J. K. Field, A. Gachet and S. W. Duffy

8. Selection of oncology medicines in low- and middle-income countries
Y. T. Bazargani, A. de Boer, J. H. M. Schellens, H. G. M. Leufkens and A. K. Mantel-Teeuwisse

9. Prevalence of depression in adults with cancer: a systematic review
J. Walker, C. Holm Hansen, P. Martin, A. Sawhney, P. Thekkumpurath, C. Beale, S. Symeonides,
L. Wall, G. Murray and M. Sharpe

10. Cancer-related fatigue: a practical review
M. P. O. Campos, B. J. Hassan, R. Riechelmann and A. Del Giglio

Resources from the European Society for Medical Oncology

On World Cancer Day 2015, ESMO acknowledges patient’s rights to access treatment and highlights collaborative efforts towards improving access for all and making equal access to cancer treatment a priority. Click here to find out more.

More Resources

Access a collection of Oxford resources including more free journal articles and chapters from Oxford Medicine Online to learn more about the themes surrounding World Cancer Day.

To learn more about the World Cancer Day initiative, it's goals, and the activities planned to help raise global awareness of the issues surrounding cancer visit the World Cancer Day website.