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Open-Access Publication Charges

All open-access fees have been waived until January 2016

AoB PLANTS is published as an open-access journal, whereby individuals anywhere in the world can read, download and share our peer-reviewed articles free of charge. Such unrestricted online access ensures that authors can have their work read by a much larger audience than is typically possible through more traditional subscription-based journals.

Although AoB PLANTS is a non-profit journal, its operating costs, including peer review, journal production, and online hosting and archiving, must be covered in part by a modest open-access publication fee. Our charge of $1000 per published article is among the lowest levied by any open-access journal in the biological sciences and illustrates the commitment of AoB PLANTS to provide an economical means for rapidly publishing research to a global audience.

Authors wishing to apply for financial assistance should email the Managing Editor either before or upon submission of the article, explaining briefly why the fee cannot be afforded. Include your full name, the name and address of your institution, and the title of your paper, and specify the amount of the desired waiver.

Depending upon the financial capability of the corresponding author, a complete or partial waiver may be granted. Authors from developing countries (click here for a complete list) can qualify for discounted open-access fees. Corresponding authors from any of the countries in List A will be eligible for waivers of up to 100%. Authors from countries in List B are eligible for waivers of up to 50%. A partial waiver may also be considered in the case of authors from other countries if the corresponding author can demonstrate a genuine inability to pay (e.g., if the author’s institution does not have a program to cover publication fees for open-access journals or if the author does not have access to grant funds to cover the entire amount).

Upon acceptance of the manuscript, requests for financial assistance will be considered. Note that acceptance of submitted manuscripts is based solely on the outcome of the peer-review process. Requests for financial assistance will not be disclosed to either referees or editors and will have no bearing on their recommendations.

Note that payment of the open-access charge will be required before the article is published online.