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Information About Putting Supporting Material Online

Pressure on space in Biostatistics is severe and the co-editors have been looking for ways to reduce this pressure. We have now made an arrangement with our Publisher, Oxford University Press, by which certain supplementary material which cannot be accommodated in the printed journal but will be useful if available in the public domain can be posted on our journal Web page. Examples of such supplementary material are technical appendices, extensive simulation studies, data-sets, and color figures.

Supplementary material with substantive content, typically technical appendices or extensive simulation studies, should be submitted with the original manuscript in order that it can be included in the review process. The co-editors reserve the right to accept papers subject to the condition that specified material is posted on the journal Web page rather than being printed in the journal.

Supplementary material that does not require review, typically data-sets which are too large to be printed in the journal, need not be submitted with the manuscript. The paper should indicate a Web address where the material can be inspected. If the paper is subsequently accepted for publication, the author will be invited to move such material to the journal's Web page. After a paper has been accepted for publication, OUP will contact the authors for the electronic versions of the accepted manuscripts and any supplementary material to be posted on the Web.

When an article is loaded onto the journal's Advance Access Web page, any related supplementary material will be loaded at the same time. This will allow links to be made correctly. The Publisher can also ensure that the printed version of the journal makes reference to the supplementary material that is available online only.


The supplementary material should be presented as a self-contained document, headed by "Supplementary material to. . . " followed by the title, author, and author's affiliation exactly as for the paper itself.

Please note that supplementary material does not constitute a separate publication but is an electronic analogue of what might otherwise have been a set of appendices to the published paper.

Authors are reminded to include appropriate cross-referencing in the paper itself when posting supplementary material on our Web site, as shown in the following example:

"In Section B of the supplementary material (, we derive an orthogonal decomposition of functions of several genotypes."

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