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CEACCP Podcast Episodes

Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Podcasts from the British Journal of Anaesthesia and Oxford Journals

  • Whiplash: causes and cures.
    Dr Sandeep Kapur, consultant in anaesthesia and pain management, discusses his article "Whiplash injury" from the August print edition CEACCP, covering diagnosis, management and prognosis of whiplash-associated disorders.
    August 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 4 || 35 Minutes
  • General anaesthetic agents: mechanisms and mystery
    Professor Donal Buggy discusses his papers "Pharmacology of anaesthetics I: intravenous anaesthetic agents" and "Pharmacology of anaesthetics II: inhalational anaesthetic agents" from June's print edition of CEACCP. The discussion focuses on new developments in the field and preliminary results from the ENIGMA II trial.
    June 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 3 || 23 Minutes
  • Fresh articles for Spring
    Dr Joyce Yeung, clinical and academic anaesthetist discusses the April print edition of CEACCP, with a particular focus on the articles "Intensive care management of morbidly obese patients" and "Anaesthesia-related anaphylaxis: investigation and follow-up".
    April 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 2 || 16 Minutes
  • Perioperative medicine: a risky business?
    Dr Gary Minto, consultant anaesthetist and perioperative medicine researcher discusses his article 'Assessment of the high-risk perioperative patient' and the wider subject of surgical risk prediction and patient optimisation.
    February 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 1 || 38 Minutes
  • CEACCP podcast launch
    Dr Jeremy Langton, editor-in-chief of CEACCP and Eleanor Carter, trainee editor discuss the scope and aims of the journal, journals developments and the launch of the CEACCP podcast.
    October 2013 || Volume 13 - Issue 5 || 12 Minutes

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