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CEACCP Podcast Episodes

Continuing Education in Anaesthesia, Critical Care & Pain Podcasts from the British Journal of Anaesthesia and Oxford Journals

  • Bleeding disorders: Safe perioperative care
    Dr Madan Narayanan, consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine discusses his article "Anaesthetic considerations in patients with inherited disorders of coagulation" from the February print edition of CEACCP. The podcast focuses on the diagnosis, management and principles of perioperative care for patients with the bleeding disorders haemophilia and von Willebrand's disease.
    February 2015 || Volume 15 - Issue 1 || 22 Minutes
  • Frailty and Anaesthesia
    Dr Richard Griffiths, consultant in anaesthesia, discusses his article "Frailty in anaesthesia: what we need to know" from the December print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include frailty assessment tools, the 2010 NCEPOD report "An Age Old Problem" and The National Hip Fracture Database Anaesthesia Sprint Audit of Practice (ASAP).
    December 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 6 || 27 Minutes
  • Never say never?
    Dr Vishal Patil, consultant in anaesthesia, discusses his article "Never events: an anaesthetic perspective" from the October print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include the Department of Health never events policy, practical approaches to minimising risk in the healthcare environment and understanding human factors.
    November 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 5 || 10 Minutes
  • Atelectasis. Better to prevent than to cure?
    Dr Andrew Bodenham, consultant in anaesthesia and intensive care medicine, discusses his article "Pulmonary atelectasis in anaesthesia and critical care" from the October print edition of CEACCP. Subjects discussed include recent evidence on optimum mechanical ventilation strategies and use of perioperative interventions to minimise and manage atelectasis.
    October 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 5 || 19 Minutes
  • Whiplash: causes and cures.
    Dr Sandeep Kapur, consultant in anaesthesia and pain management, discusses his article "Whiplash injury" from the August print edition CEACCP, covering diagnosis, management and prognosis of whiplash-associated disorders.
    August 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 4 || 35 Minutes
  • General anaesthetic agents: mechanisms and mystery
    Professor Donal Buggy discusses his papers "Pharmacology of anaesthetics I: intravenous anaesthetic agents" and "Pharmacology of anaesthetics II: inhalational anaesthetic agents" from June's print edition of CEACCP. The discussion focuses on new developments in the field and preliminary results from the ENIGMA II trial.
    June 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 3 || 23 Minutes
  • Fresh articles for Spring
    Dr Joyce Yeung, clinical and academic anaesthetist discusses the April print edition of CEACCP, with a particular focus on the articles "Intensive care management of morbidly obese patients" and "Anaesthesia-related anaphylaxis: investigation and follow-up".
    April 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 2 || 16 Minutes
  • Perioperative medicine: a risky business?
    Dr Gary Minto, consultant anaesthetist and perioperative medicine researcher discusses his article 'Assessment of the high-risk perioperative patient' and the wider subject of surgical risk prediction and patient optimisation.
    February 2014 || Volume 14 - Issue 1 || 38 Minutes
  • CEACCP podcast launch
    Dr Jeremy Langton, editor-in-chief of CEACCP and Eleanor Carter, trainee editor discuss the scope and aims of the journal, journals developments and the launch of the CEACCP podcast.
    October 2013 || Volume 13 - Issue 5 || 12 Minutes

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